Permanently Activate Windows 8.1 with Product Key

Windows 8.1 is a PC operating system, made by Microsoft, and released as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Its visible enhancements include an improved splash screen, other snapshot views, additional bundled apps, tighter OneDrive (previous SkyDrive) integration, Internet Explorer 11, and a Bing-driven unified search system. It also adds support for emerging technologies such as high-resolution displays, 3D printing, Wi-Fi direct and Miracast streams, and referencing file systems.

Where to find the Windows 8.1 product Key ?

The Windows 8.1 serial key is made up of 25 digits and it looks like this: Product Key: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

1) If you purchased a PC with Windows pre-installed, your Windows 8.1 serial key will be printed on the label on your CPU.
2) If you purchase a PC from an authorized reseller, ask your reseller
3) If you purchased an operating system CD/DVD, the product key should be in the card in the product box.
4) If you purchased a digital copy of Windows, the key will be sent to the email you provided when you purchased a copy of Windows.
5) If you installed Windows with a product key but don’t remember the key, download a key finder and use it to retrieve the Windows 8.1 product Key

Free Windows 8.1 Pro Product Key

slmgr.vbs -ipk MGVGB-BPKTY-HNG8T-KFWYY-6VGB3

slmgr.vbs -ipk MTRM6-BP9YW-RNDW4-GKJRK-8QG8D

slmgr.vbs -ipk JBMB3-BRVWQ-CKCN9-T6HPP-KWXWD

Free Windows 8.1 Enterprise Product Key

slmgr.vbs -ipk FKW6N-GDW6B-BXK2W-VW2MY-RCYDQ

slmgr.vbs -ipk DMNH2-7MXG8-F8RD3-D4C4F-9WY93

slmgr.vbs -ipk MPN6V-8KD8C-WKQ4F-B4C7B-MY33Q

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Windows 8.1 Professional Activation Key

How to Activate Windows 8.1 by Phone?

1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard and R to eject “Run ” command, “Run dialog type:┬áSlui.exe4“, and then press “OK ” button.

2. After opening the Windows Activation window, select your country or nearest location from the drop-down location list.

3. The Activate Windows by Phone window appears. In this window, you will see a free phone number and a local/national rate for the phone number.

4. You need to select the relevant phone number and make a call. Once connected to the activation line, you will be asked to provide a series of numbers. Once you have entered the desired number, the auto-activation line will give you another set of numbers to enter into the activate window through the Phone window.

5. Then press the “activate ” button. If all goes well, the number you entered is correct and your copy of Windows will be activated.