Reasons why it is wise to move to Window 10 now!

Window 7 has been one of the most popular Operating Systems of Microsoft and it is people’s hot favourite for a very long time now. But now it time that we move to something that is modern and more secure; Window 10. Microsoft has been warning the people for a long time now that this day will come and now officially from 14 January 2020 there will be no more updates, bugs fixation, or technical support available for window 7.  Millions of people have been using window 7 since its launch on 22 October 2009 but now it is the time to ditch it and install window 10 in your PC.

In simple words, it is now very dangerous and risky to continue with window 7 as there will be no updates, and cybercriminals will have maximum opportunities to abuse any vulnerabilities. Following are some of the most highlighted and efficient feature of Window 10 which makes it more modern and attractive:

The start menu:

Windows 10 has a very similar design of the start menu to window 7 and now it has also been integrated with some smart features like live tiles from window 8. Which is both attractive and familiar to use for the window user.


In windows 10, Cortana is a built-in assistant. Clicking on the taskbar’s search area opens the Cortana interface and you ask if you have any questions/ problems. To make your life more organized, the Cortana app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Virtual Desktops:

This feature is directly included in Windows 10. By simply clicking on the task view icon in taskbar or pressing (Win +Tab combination) users will be able to add virtual desktop by clicking the top-left corner option of New Desktop.


Recently there been Introduction of the graphic card that supports real-time ray tracing is only supported in Windows 10.


There have been a number of improvements and updates in window 10 like syncing desktop settings, Snap assist, timeline, Windows Ink and many others. but if you are one who still wants to use window 7, it is a healthy and wise option that you move to window 10 because there will be no more bugs fixations and support and update available which makes you very valuable to cyber Criminals.